Summit Lodge

Our Story

According to Grand Lodge records, sometime between Oct. 19 and Dec 5, 1850, a dispensation was issued to the Brethren of Twinsburg to organize a Lodge to be called St. John’s Lodge. As in those days, communication was not as fast as today, it seems there had been a Charter issued to a St. John’s Lodge down near Cincinatti, Ohio. Twinsburg was forced to change their name and settled upon Summit Lodge #213. The Grand Lodge granted a Charter to Summit Lodge #213 on Oct. 28, 1851. Summit Lodge has held their meetings in different buildings since the beginning. The first 2 buildings met with fire. The first fire destroyed all documents and records. The second fire did not destroy the records. The third building that Summit Lodge moved into was on the southwest corner of Rts 82 and 91. In 1957, the Brethren began construction of the now present Temple on Shepard Rd. and completed the building in 1958. The cornerstone was laid on June 8, 1958 and the Lodge room was consecrated on Sept. 18, 1958. Some of the Charter members of Summit Lodge were G. H. Alling (son of the first settler in Twinsburg, Ethan Alling), William Crankshaw, Silas Oviatt, Solon Lacy, Hector Taylor, William H. Andrews, Eli Thompson and Henry Boswell. 1n the 1860’s dues were $2.00 per year. Today we have a total of 168 members of Summit Lodge.

WB T. Burkhart being Congratulated by MWB Dickersheid

Congratulations WB J. Caproletti on your year. Best of Luck to WB T. Burkhart Jr. and Officers this upcoming year. Hopefully we can get back to some kind of normal sometime soon.

2021 Pot-Luck Dinner

Not what it usually is but it was nice to get together again. Good food and good friends.

Below are our newest additions to Summit Lodge. Congratulations to the Caporatetti’s, Burkhart’s, and the Kuntz’s.

Congradulations to C and S Landals for taking 5 First Place ribbons and 1 Second Place with their rabbits at the Randolph Fair.
Say Hello to Another addition to the Landals family. Congradulations to B &C Landals and of course Grandmas and Grandpas and all Great-Grandparents

Brother J. Hercules went on vacation on his “scooter” and stopped at a gas station in Tennessee and happened to meet a Brother who just happened to be the County Sheriff.