November 25, 2021 Happy Thanksgiving ( Hope everyone has a great day with family )

November 28, 2021 HAPPY CHANUKAH


December 2, 2021 Stated Meeting 7:30 pm Attire – Dress Casual

December 4, 2021 Breakfast with Santa ( See Flyer Below )

December 18, 2021 Valley of Akron Masonic Assistance Program Basket Drive – Assembly of baskets will begin at 10:00 am at Craftsmans Park and delivery will follow. ( I have done both in the past and had fun assembling baskets with the Brothers and a very rewarding time delivering them to needy families. Get your kids involved to show them what we do.

December 25, 2021 MERRY CHRISTMAS ( let’s not forget the reason for the season ) Enjoy your families everyone.

December 30, 2021 Guy’s Night Out 6:00 pm Glennwillow Tavern on Pettibone Rd. in Glennwillow.



January 6, 2022 Stated Meeting 7:30 pm Attire – Suit or dress casual

January 22, 2022 Lodge of Research Luncheon ( more info to come )


February 3, 2022 Stated Meeting 7:30 pm Attire – Dress Casual

February 12, 2022 Valentines Dinner at Summit Lodge – Time to be announced


March 3, 2022 Stated Meeting 7:30 pm Attire – Dress Casual

March 19, Ladies Night Out ( Time and Place to be announced )

Grand Lodge 2021

Grand Lodge was at the Sharonville Convention Center

WM Burkhart and SW Mowery and his Lady

WM Burkhart dinning with the big boys

Congratulations Michael

Looking good Brother

Some of us went skeet shooting

Having some fun at the 21st District Golf Outing

Comedy Corner